USMC War veteran, entrepreneur, and Systems Engineer with a formal education in Computer Science and more than 20 years of experience in the software industry.

I’m primarily interested in the study and application of Programming Language Theory to systems in a variety of industries and fields.


UWM Logo
M.Sc Computer Science UW-Milwaukee
  • Type Systems and Programming Languages
  • Advanced Compilers
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • American Popular Music
  • Business & Professional Communication
  • Calculus & Analytic Geometry I, II, III
  • Compilers
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Digital Logic
  • Discrete Information Structures
  • General Physics I, II, + Laboratory
  • German I & II
  • Honors College – War and Peace
  • Honors College – End of Nature
  • Computer Organization + Assembly Language
  • Systems Programming
  • Linguistics – Diversity of Human Languages
  • Database Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Theory of Computation
  • Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
  • Linguistics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Planetary Geology
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Programming Language Concepts
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Type Theory
  • Western Civilization (1500 – Present)
Sergeant – Supply Administration and Logistics Active Duty (+ 4 years Inactive Reserve)
Training and Courses
  • Basic Warehousing
  • Combat First Aid & CPR
  • Enlisted Supply Basic Course
  • Fundamentals of Marine Corp Leadership
  • Jungle Warfare Training
  • Land Navigation
  • Operations Against Guerrilla Units
  • School of Infantry
  • Solid State Devices
  • Marine Corp Martial Arts Program
  • Corporal’s Leadership Course
  • Desert Operations
  • Fundamentals of Digital Logic
  • Introduction to Computation
  • Recruit Training
  • Marine Rifleman Combat Skills
  • Math for Marines
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Terrorism Awareness


Active Commerce
Active Commerce
Insite Icon
Insite Commerce SDK Developer Certification (v 3.7)
Sitecore Professional Developer Sitecore 8.x
Umbraco Certified Master Umbraco 7


  • Requirements Engineering Tools
  • (Formerly Centare)
  • Cloud Solution Architecture (Azure, AWS)
  • Data Engineering (ETL, Azure Data Factory)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)
  • Magnolia CMS
  • Docker
  • Requirements Engineering
  • React JS, Angular
  • Digital Transformation
  • App Modernization
  • Micro-services
  • Micro-frontends
  • Marquette Energy Analytics
  • Direct Supply
  • Navitus
Chalo icon
Principal Software Engineer Chalo, LLC
  • Full Stack Development
    • Sitecore
    • Umbraco
    • TypeScript
  • Operations consulting
    • Application Life-cycle management
    • Version Control Systems
    • DevOps Configuration
    • Infrastructure configuration and support
Laughlin Constable icon
Laughlin Constable
  • Sitecore 8.* Development, architecture, and training
    • Project Architecture roadmap
    • Dependency Management (Nuget configuration)
    • Multi-Server Lucene configuration
    • Introduction and training of Database Projects
    • Lucene to Solr migration
  • DevOps training and configuration
    • Build Configuration (Continuous Integration)
    • Release Management (Continuous Delivery)
    • Introduction of Config Transformation
  • Automated, Custom, Drupal -> Sitecore migration
  • Infrastructure consulting and configuration
    • Server Configuration
    • Network Topology identification and roadmap
  • Version Control System training and configuration
    • TFS to Git migration
    • Branching strategy architecture and training
  • Front End Development and training. Bootstrap JS
  • Limited Project Management consulting and training with Azure DevOps
    • Wiki implementation
    • Defining Work Item transition states
    • Traceability guidance and enforcement
Dohmen Logo
  • Node.JS consulting and training
  • Azure DevOps configuration and training. (CI/CD)
  • Umbraco configuration
ShoU Health icon
Co-Founder, CISO, Head of DevSecOps ShoU Health
  • Systems Architecture
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) + Mobile
  • Full Stack (Node.js, TypeScript, C#, Babel, Azure)
  • Machine Learning
Layer One Media icon
Head of Development Operations Layer One Media
  • System Administration (WinOps)
    • Desktop Support
    • Local infrastructure management
    • Group Policy
    • Azure Migration, configuration, and management
  • Software Systems Engineering
    • Creation/Enforcement of Software Engineering Standards
    • Evolved a Document Management system for consolidation and tracability of business assets
    • User Requirements Specification (URS)
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
    • Verification
    • Iteration/Sprint planning
  • DevOps
    • Build Automation / Continuous Integration (CI)
    • Test Automation
    • Infrastructure Management (Containerization, Virtualization)
    • Deployment Automation / Continuous Deployment (CD) / Release Management
    • Monitoring
  • Operations
    • Identification of legacy on-premises infrastructure and migration to Azure cloud infrastructure and Office365
    • Migration of legacy Subversion and on-premise TFS systems to Visual Studio Team Services TFS and later Git systems
    • Career Counseling and training of junior developers, engineers, and platform architects
    • Candidate Interviews
    • Technical and Tactical proficiency
  • Web Application Development
    • TypeScript, Gulp, JavaScript
  • Sitecore Solution Architecture (version 6 – 8), implementation, deployment, and support
  • PHP development on the WordPress platform
  • InsiteCommerce PIM development
  • Legacy support for Delphi + Hayes Command set
  • Umbraco development and support
  • Legacy application .NET Support (2.0)
Perficient icon
Assoc. Technical Consultant Perficient
  • Acqui-hire from Zeon Solutions
  • .NET development utilizing C#
  • Development/Implementation of an Insite data adapter
  • Foxpro data migration and manipulation
  • Design, implementation, and deployment of Content Managed Web Applications using .NET (C#) and the Sitecore CMS platform (including Active Directory Integration)
  • Designing Information Architecture for Web Applications
  • Collaboration with Developers to define and implement Best Practices, Coding Standards/Conventions and Design Methodologies
  • Creating training presentations for Developers, Project Managers and Software Architects on the design and implementation of client-centric web applications as and their interaction with server-centric technologies
  • Providing ongoing training and support for junior and fellow developers .NET, Web, and SQL
    development & best practices
  • Performing customer service and engaging with clients in 1-on-1 as well as group client meetings
  • Evangelizing REST+HATEOAS, SMACSS stylesheet architecture
  • PCI compliance
  • Performing Code Reviews
  • Solution Architect and Tech-Lead roles as required
  • Informatica PIM Configuration
  • Technical representative at University Job Fairs
  • Migration of a Legacy IBM Domino application to Google App Maker (Alpha)
  • Dashboard creation with pre-release version of Chromecast
UWM icon
Undergraduate Research Assistant UW-Milwaukee
Details As an Undergraduate of Computing Science, I also worked as an Undergraduate Research assistant for Professor Ethan Munson and a number of doctoral students.
  • Implemented Meta-Circular Compiler for a subset of the Scala Language
  • Developed an ANT parser/interpreter in PowerShell as well as a Java based testing and sanity framework for the Formiga system created by former doctoral student Ryan Hardt
  • Ported a Graph Product Line based from AspectJ to Java for use in a larger research project headed by former doctoral student Cheng Thao.
  • Implementation of a Versioned Lexical Search system based on the efforts of Semantic Designs. This project enables intelligent (language aware) searching across a code repository through a RESTful interface with integration into an Eclipse IDE. Details: Versioned-Lexical-Search.pdf
Red Prairie icon
Software Engineering Intern Red Prairie
  • Development of CRUD applications written in ExtJS + Other browser technologies including SVG
  • Reverse engineering and migration of legacy software written in a combination of C#, Java, Groovy and C
  • Interfacing with a back-end service by writing and using a stack-oriented query language (MOCA) + ANSI SQL
  • Performed corrections and extensions to a JavaScript parser to properly recognize syntactic constructs in the product build system in order to enforce coding standards
Independent Contractor

From time to time I engage in independent contracting on a variety of projects.

Lanex icon
Application Developer Lanex

Development and implementation of E-commerce solutions and web presence for a variety of clients. Many of these involved the creation of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) applications built upon the .NET framework, classic ASP, and/or Ajax technologies. During this period I assisted with the design/implementation of a Content Management System for use in .NET centric projects.

Languages and Technologies used during this period:
C#, VB.NET, VBScript, JScript (SSJS), JavaScript, XML, XSLT, MSSQL, ActionScript, PHP, ColdFusion

Roundys icon
Assistant Manager of Produce Roundy's

Provided assistance to the department manager by enforcing and exercising SOPs including: product ordering and disposal, customer service, timely price changes, quality control and food sanitation. In the short time I was employed here I received 4 awards for outstanding customer service.

  • Customer Service Award x4
Park East icon
Bouncer Park East Hotel

After my separation from the military I lived for a short period at the Park East Hotel. The owner was looking to relaunch his club and was in need of some extra hands to manage the crowd. After hearing of my experience from a number of earlier conversations, he offered a temporary position checking legal age and managing intoxicated/aggressive patrons. This lounge is now called Club Aura.

Sergeant United States Marine Corp
Details Sergeant Rank USMC Rack USMC Rifle Expert - 2nd award

Before being Honorably Discharged I was employed by the USMC as a Supply Administration Clerk, and later a Supply Administration Chief of Sergeant rank. My responsibilities included the submission & receipt of requisitions/purchases, and subsequent record keeping. I also performed proper disposal procedures of sensitive equipment and materials. I’ve been responsible for managing periodic inventories of multi-million dollar materials. The Product Information Management system (PIM) primarily utilized was referred to as: ATLASS/SASSY (Asset Tracking Logistics and Supply System/Supported Activities Supply System). O*NET mapping

From 2006-2007 I was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq where I was solely responsible for the submission and tracking of high priority supplies and equipment in an undermanned, fast paced and stressful environment. I developed a number of applications to assist me in many of these ventures and boost productivity.

The applications developed were data management programs designed to interface with legacy 3270 terminal and DOS systems as well as automate Microsoft Office Applications. These were developed primarily in JScript, VBScript, VBA and JSP.

Honors and Awards
  • Global War on Terrorism Medal
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Honorable Discharge
  • Humanitarian Service Medal
  • Iraqi Campaign Medal
  • Letter of Appreciation
    • Humanitarian efforts in Thailand
  • National Defense Medal
  • Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
  • Rifle Expert Award x 2
    • M16A2 Rifle
  • Rifle Sharpshooter Award
    • M16A4 Rifle
  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon x3