Watching “Free” Will

I had an interesting dream which reminded me of the weak hold we have on the concept of free will. There was nothing particularly significant in the dream itself in regards to artifacts and symbols. What was exceptional in this case was that I was controlling my “body” in a third person perspective and yet looking through the eyes like a suit.

There was also a short period where I had left that “body” completely to engage in some other area of the dream only to later return and have someone tell me that the “body” had continued to act and engage in activities, and that a recording of the events were available. Watching the events unfold in retrospect, the “body” was acting and behaving entirely consistently with what “I” would have done had “I” been the one at the controls so to speak.

It seemed that I had no real choice; I couldn’t act any other way. It was as if I was trapped as myself, and simply watching events unfold. A lump of matter-in-motion where I plugged-in to watch and push the controls which happened to be in perfect sync with what the body was planning to do anyway…

I’m reminded of the Ancient Egyptian concept of multiple souls. Obligatory cultural reference:

I’m also reminded of a common theme in The Matrix:

You’ve already made the choice, now you have to understand it. The Oracle, Matrix Reloaded


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