A Shamanic Ordeal

Previously I’ve written on my awkward journeys into the unconscious. Recently I had a vivid dream/vision which I can’t explain in any other way than being a partial Shamanic Ordeal. The dream began in no way special, but at some point it turned and became the most significant one I can remember:

A pet cat of mine died recently and I saw him in a dream the night before in good health and active. One strange aspect of him though was that he was attached to what I would describe as a Silver Cord. The dream was short and otherwise unremarkable. The next night though was when the ordeal began.

Again I saw my deceased pet active and healthy. This was very surprising to me and seemed too fantastical to be real. I picked him up and concluded only I was able to see him and that I must be turning insane. I then sought out a medical facility to test myself. For some reason I concluded some auditory test would be appropriate since anything visual must be impossible since it was a delusion, but maybe if the cat made a noise during the test someone else could hear it. (Dream logic is strange).

Somehow I found myself inside a stainless steel spherical shape which I believed to be the auditory testing chamber I sought out. It looked most similar to the inside of a neutrino detector, but only about 12 feet in diameter and with a flat steel floor. Shortly, a door opened in the side of the room and a young women in a white lab/medical coat peeked in and said: “That’s a nice cat you’re holding”. I was taken aback: How can she see him? He isn’t real! At that moment the cat was gone and I felt a sharp pain under my left arm into my side like a long hypodermic needle. Someone was behind me, and where did the cat go?

Next I found myself standing next to what looked like an L-shaped desk in what I could best describe as a medical center or laboratory with a variety of related equipment. An older woman stood before me (in her 60s or so). She seemed to me to be the head doctor/researcher of the facility and was accompanied by a number of assistants who stood apart at a distance from us. All in white coats. She had what looked like a name tag with the word: “WANDA”. She seemed very stern and neutral. No emotion. At this moment the ordeal began. She started cutting into my hands and wrists from the top as I watched and began inserting metal rods horizontally across the bones in my wrists as well as other devices and instruments under my skin and into my fingers. Things that looked like antennas and sim card-like objects. This was painful and gory but I thought it was bearable due to whatever I was injected with into my side earlier.

I protested this as you’d expect, but not out of fear nor the pain I felt. I protested that I was not told what she injected me with, and I protested that I did not give her permission to do what she was doing without any conversation with me beforehand. Again without emotion she simply replied: “We do this to keep track of children”. Again I expressed my irritation, then she left as if she had better things to do.

The young female assistant who had distracted me earlier stepped forward to take over for the now gone matron. One of the male assistants from further away complained: “You talk too much”, to which I replied: “If you were doing things the right way I wouldn’t need to complain”. A third assistant then stated apologetically: “We will perform a review”.

The female then began to go to work on me: slowly removing the devices and rods from my still cut open hands. After removing a couple of the rods, she paused and stated: “next year we’ll have a better implant that will be smaller and less accessible that we will put here in the middle of your bones”. She expressed this in a way that sounded like it was supposed to be comforting for me. Before she could finish removing the items from my right hand a problem occurred: I felt as if a major blood clot formed in the middle of my arm. I could then see the veins swelling and feel the pressure building. I told her: “I think you did something wrong, I feel a clot here”, She then replied with what seemed to be some nervousness: “But I didn’t touch anything there”. At which point I awoke… For about 6 hours following the dream/vision I had faint phantom pain in my side and in my hands.

The clarity, uniqueness, and detail of this experience has been greater than any I’ve had before. I was reminded of a presentation that Graham Hancock gave on the topic of such experiences and I was very much surprised. I found a number of parallels which I am still trying to contend with. Some select quotes and snippets from his presentation:

Was the cat in my dream WANDA in disguise?
I definitely underwent a bizarre procedure.
“Simply business”
The parallel experiences are amazing

I haven’t been consuming drugs of any form to help me achieve such a dream or vision. I am a drink man though, but I’ve never considered alcohol as a trigger to such an experience. Perhaps my practice in meditation and lucid dreaming unlocked this ordeal by accident. Am I fool for stumbling around blindly into this realm?


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