The Great Maze of jQuery

David Mark (@Cinsoft, Github, comp.lang.javascript) is a notorious web developer from a different age. He is abrasive and effective. The following is a reposting of my response to a request for comments on yet another jQuery architectural problem. It has been slightly edited for blog form. Faking Ad-Hoc Polymorphism JavaScript does not support Ad-Hoc Polymorphism […]

A Culture of War

I’ve had a father, a step-father, an uncle, aunt, cousin, and so on who’ve served in the military. Myself as well. With a significant family history of service, and so close to my generation, the impact on my own perspective towards warfare should be seemingly obvious to an outside observer, but that would not necessarily […]

The Broken Line

For centuries authors who have experienced war first-hand have often attempted to capture some essence of it in their writings. While these writings can express aspects of conflict in beautiful prose or in horrifying detail, some underlying message or meaning is often lost. What this missing essence is can be hard to articulate but at […]