Six months after my decision to recenter I decided during a social meetup to have a few drinks to join in on the celebration. Four drinks in four hours is reasonable yes? I discovered my tolerance was still very high, and didn’t feel any noticeable effect. Over the next few days I noticed some slight […]


Original date: October 2010 “A Euphemism is a nice word for a nasty thing” Christopher Hitchens A euphemism not simply a play on words but more so a turn of phrase that can be used to change the emphasis of a message’s intent or its meaning. This method of expression has enjoyed much use by its […]

Letters of Support

I was deployed to Fallujah Iraq during “Operation Iraqi Freedom“. During that time I received a large number of letters of support from people across the country. Recently I came to the conclusion that these letters, while addressed to me, were not for me specifically but for me as a representative of an archetype. I […]

Ramda and Eweda before the dawn

Ramda and Eweda are functional programming libraries for JavaScript developed by Scott Sauyet, G. Lathoud, and others. Before Ramda and in the early days of Eweda there were significant philosophical and architectural discussions between Scott and I. If you’re interested in the prehistory of these libraries you might find these threads enlightening. March 24, 2013: […]