Letters of Support

I was deployed to Fallujah Iraq during “Operation Iraqi Freedom“. During that time I received a large number of letters of support from people across the country. Recently I came to the conclusion that these letters, while addressed to me, were not for me specifically but for me as a representative of an archetype. I […]

Ramda and Eweda before the dawn

Ramda and Eweda are functional programming libraries for JavaScript developed by Scott Sauyet, G. Lathoud, and others. Before Ramda and in the early days of Eweda there were significant philosophical and architectural discussions between Scott and I. If you’re interested in the prehistory of these libraries you might find these threads enlightening. March 24, 2013: […]

Symbolic Candle

Through the active trial and error of symbolic dreaming (see previously), I’ve come across some interesting images. I’m not certain of how to categorize them nor which to ignore so I’ve been focusing on things unexpected: objects and images I couldn’t create in a fully conscious imagination which seem important. This seems very subjective and […]